Adventskranz Englisch

Adventskranz Englisch.

Our artikel “Adventskranz Englisch” is for our many friends in the United Kingdom.

Why? Because they also have the opportunity to order our beautiful and fresh Advent- and Christmas Wreaths. So if you live in the UK, do not hesitate. We gladly tsend you Wreath to England.

How and where the Advent wreath was originated? We will tell you, because a wreath without the cultural story it is not so much  fun as it should be.

The Advents wreath in Germany

A particularly important element of the Christmas season in Germany is the Advent wreath, which marks the beginning of Advent and Christmas. Since ancient times, is the Advent wreath of evergreen or pine boughs for the feast of hope and renewal. This symbolism anchored in the 1930s, in the Alsace region in the form of a wreath made of evergreen branches, adorned with four candles. Each Advent Sunday until Christmas, a candle is lit as a sign of waiting. You can find this Christmas decorations in the streets, shops, private homes and churches. The light (candles)  and green (branches)  protect against misfortune, the four candles symbolize the four weeks before Christmas, the four seasons and the four periods of life. Traditionally, ignites at each Advent Sunday to Christmas Eve a new candle.

The artikel "Adventskranz Englisch"has been written by Marcus Wind.

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